Planning an MBA? Here’s what to do if you are targeting an Ivy League college


B-Schools have moved their paradigm of thought from only leadership towards society leadership.

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MBA is a hot topic now a day when talking about overseas education. Most of the aspirants who go abroad from India to study further choose management as their subject of specialization. In India the MBA courses can be offered to any aspirants regardless of the industry and professional experience they have or don’t have. MBA is meant to be taught to the future business leaders. So, the top institutes around the world always prefer to recruit students who already have industry experience, in fact they only consider applications with some leadership experience. Top names in the management education come from USA when we notice the international ratings from or or Forbes. And Ivy League is the name which comes in the light here. Who doesn’t know about Harvard?

There are 8 member institutions for Ivy League. When Ivy League was founded in 1954 the focus was sports leadership, even today the spirit remained same. Ivy League is a name attracting millions of aspirants worldwide. Now a day, it has maintained to attract students worldwide due to its quality of education as well. The League has achieved this by winning many championships in USA which made them popular among career aspirants. Harvard, Princeton, Yale’s, Wharton; all the top names we hear today mostly are the members of Ivy League. Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, and Gorge W. Bush are alumni of Ivy League universities, even Brack Obama. Ivy League institutions have a great role in American policies building followed by International policy making. Certainly, this League is now the hot name in professional education worldwide.

Ivy League aspirants are not just students they are industry leaders when we look at their recruitments for MBA. I’ve studied the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 student profiles of Harvard Business School, Yale’s School of Management, and Wharton Business School. What I’ve found is everyone has played some significant role in social culture or value building in their respective industries with more than 4 years of quality experience. Some are selected because they have dual specializations which make them a dual engineer making them evolve something new to the world or science, education, technology etc. in 2017 HBS they recruited a guy with dual degree; mechanical engineering and human anatomy.

The B-Schools are diversifying their focus on value building rather focusing on just industry work experience. What they want to hire is not just a professional but a future package which helps them gain good repute in terms of contribution in the modern world. This way the alumni network consists of many noble laureates bringing changes in the world and intellectual society.

One preparing for MBA; specifically the Ivy League MBA should consider not only the GMAT or GRE scores but what contribution they have in the present modern age society. Obviously a significant GMAT or GRE score will be the first line of control to be crossed towards the selection procedure. Almost all colleges and universities accept GMAT and GRE both. Above 690 GMAT is considered to be the shortlisted in most of the Ivy League whereas 320 is the mean GRE score to be considered for the same. HBS accepts GRE 326+ and GMAT 580+ whereas Wharton accepts GRE 325+ and GMAT 700+, and on the lower side Princeton is ok with GRE 250+, and GMAT 500+ among the Ivy League institutes. At the end what matters is the right counseling advice from a reputed education counselor which may help you shortlist the institution the right way considering all the aspects required.

Every year more than a million students are absorbed in USA from all across the globe. The report shows that the number of Indian students in the United States has risen to a record level, to over 186,000 – the fourth year in a row to see double-digit growth.

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