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Be equipped for everything-Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa

Be equipped for everything

Interview Published on The Statesman News

Thinking about MBA in USA is a common trend among Indian MBA aspirants. Schooling in USA, definitely, is the costliest even compared to UK too. Starting from decisive step whether to go with MBA or some other business studies and then writing GMAT is not just the thing.

Really MBA is a degree which attracted the most of the students towards its glory. Noticing young entrepreneurs or focusing on Harvard MBA grads make one think about moving towards the business schools. Of-course, one may think in a very persuasive manner that like India getting admission in any B-School in USA is merely a cup of tea. But, this notion becomes a big mistake on their journey towards a “The B-School MBA”.

GMAT is not the only factor while preparing for Ivy League or some top notch B-Schools. They not only consider your previous education scores but your achievements too. Yes, of-course, the work experience with a great deal of responsibility and leadership makes one stand apart.

100% Free Education in USA! Yes, you heard it right. There is no any specific national scholarship for MBA aspirants but every university or B-School has their own financial-aid programs. Some consider your educational achievements along with work experience and some go an extra mile. Really having something extra excite B-Schools offer you something financially.

There are 3 kind of financial-aids widely seen among almost all B-Schools in the United States of America.

Full Financial Aid or Scholarship; which covers all the course fee in full. This is generally offered after a verity of procedures done by the financial-aid board within the university. This may be given to someone who has really good academic achievements and work achievements too. Some students are interviewed in a very casual manner on phone making the procedure a bit informal but very much regulated. Some awards in your work or school or college life may give an extra weightage to your CV. First get offer letter(I-20) and only then you can compete for scholarship. You’re not liable to do anything against this financial-aid.

Assistantship is another way to fund your education. This is a give-back kind of program wherein one provide support to the professors and other staff helping students solve some issues related to their studies. Sometimes one may be asked to take some extra classes within the campus. This is, indeed, a good way of earning something good. Generally this covers almost everything like your tuition fee, accommodation and you’re given some stipend too to cover your other expenses. So, this is one of the best ways to be funded for one’s education.

Administrative Assistantship is one of the way the university provides you with good financial aid cum work. As the name suggests that one has to be involved in the university administrative works, like working with international students department, helping people and students on email. This is, in my opinion, the best method to be paid. Because just working for 10 hours a week attracts financial aid.

Fellowship is another way of being funded for one’s education. Working on a research project funded by university or some agency or some company may compensate a lot of your expenses while you’re on board.

Remember, there is no written rule for the scholarship but one needs to be fully equipped with anything and everything which requires a great deal of leadership and hardwork.

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